Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Container Garden

In Florida, we have two growing seasons, September to December and January to April. After that, it is too hot for most plants to survive. Since I live in a community where backyard gardens are not allowed, I have to utilize container gardening. Here are some pictures of what I have:

My cucumber plants that I started from seeds.

A pepper plant for my son, who loves spicy things.

Roma Tomatoes. Lots of meat, little juice.

Beefstake Tomatoes, great for hamburgers!

Another pepper plant.

Container gardening is really easy. Each of the buckets has rocks at the bottom to allow for better drainage. It is much easier to weed as well. I am hoping for a big crop of tomatoes and cucumbers to can. I am also growing herbs in little pots. The only worry I have right now is having to move suddenly. I will probably give the plants to a friend of ours with little kids. Try your own container garden, if you can right now. If you are in a colder climate, start planning for next year!

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