Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Settled

Remember how I told you about that leap we were taking? We took it and moved back to our homestate. It has been a stressful, exhausting, infuriating adventure but in just a few short weeks, it was all worth it. My mom can't stop saying how glad she is that we are back home. My kids were able to play in snow for the first time. We found a great house that is in a great neighborhood and is only five minutes from my husband's new job. It is such a relief to not have to fill up the gas tank every week.

My problem right now is restocking my pantry. I gave all our food to our friends who had little kids. I wasn't going to store it on the POD for a month, that was for sure and I like helping out people who are in the same situation we are. They are both teachers, her husband worked with mine. It was nice to help them out. I have restocked a little, Meijer had a great deal on mustard, olives, and diced tomatoes. Slowly but surely, I will get my pantry back up to snuff.

I am working right now on getting used to our new surroundings. We use our GPS to find stores we need and then drive home without it to get used to where we need to go. There are a few stores missing up here that I actually need like Party City! I always use them for my kids' parties. Also, there are no Krispy Kremes up here! In the world of doughnuts, I can only eat Krispy Kremes. They don't use peanuts or nuts in their doughnuts and since I am allergic, this is a good thing. The nearest one is over an hour away. I know, I know, first world problems.

I will get back to a regular schedule of updating the blog. It will be nice to be back to a routine. And I will tell you why you should never use PODS.