Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Parents and Kids' Sports

Parents need to shut up at their children's sports games. Seriously. They have a coach, they don't need you telling them what to do. The coach doesn't need  you interfering with his or hers coaching. I was at a soccer game last night, where my husband was coaching his school's boys team. I happened to be standing behind their bench and there was a father standing at one of the corners of the field. His son was on the other team. He kept shouting instructions at them, over their coach. I could only ignore it so long. I finally got fed up. I looked at him over my sunglasses with my Mom Glare. He shut up real quick.

Kids do not need you screaming at them from the sidelines. They need encouragment. Especially when they attempt something and it doesn't go their way, they need a big, "GOOD TRY!". That was what our side was yelling at all our kids on the field. They lost 5-1. But they knew we were proud of them for trying their hardest. My husband would never berate a player for trying and failing. Ever. Even though his team was losing, he was calm and collected as he shouted instructions to his players. His players respect him highly for it. He treats them fairly and a lot of these kids come from homes where that doesn't happen. He talks to parents about yelling on the field, but in a diplomatic way. He fully expects his team to clean up their side of the bench, especially when they are at an away game.

It's about respect. Don't shout over the coach, don't yell out instructions. Show your child encouragment, even when they fail. And if you can't do either of those things, do us a favor and tape your mouth shut.


  1. My son had a friend that often was on his team in the Park and Rec teams through the years. This child had a mother who was louder than any of the men. The child grew older and became embarassed by her screaming anything, even encouragement. So, a parent might be more than distracting. A parent could mortify the child. That cannot be good for a player.

  2. I don't think parents need to shout, but a good job never hurts once in a while.