Friday, September 23, 2011

Do We Jump?

An opportunity dropped in our lap. We have an opportunity to move home. My husband would have a job, provided he got past the interview, which I have no doubt he will. But, at the latest, we would move at the half point of the year. My husband does not like leaving people in a lurch and whole heartedly believes in professional integrity. I encouraged him to talk to his Principal and he said he would. Here are the reasons why we need to move home:

1. My parents are getting older and are suffering from a lot of health issues. My mom, in particular, has extremely bad arthritis. She should be using a wheelchair but refuses, trying to prolong the inevitable. My brother lives there but he is busy with college. My dad, as tough as he always seemed, is getting weaker and can't do all he was capable of. And it bothers him. The fact that my mom is getting so frail and my dad can't help her all the time is a huge issue for me to deal with. I need to be there for them.

2. Our children would get to see their grandparents, including the only great grandmother they have left who is getting on in years. I grew up without my grandparents being around. My children only see their's once or twice a year. Being home would be very beneficial.

3. Health reasons. My husband and son are allergic to most of the bugs that sting or bite down here. Fire ants are a huge problem. I never in my life will complain about sugar ants again! The heat is also a factor in their asthma. Humid heat is not good for them. While it can get humid where we used to live, it isn't nearly as bad as Florida.

4. Cost of living. Florida is outrageous. And Rick Scott is really screwing teachers on their pay. Which makes it harder to live down here.

The reasons to stay aren't as convincing as the reasons to leave but I have to list them out of fairness:

1. My husband has guaranteed job security for three more years. Yes, it is nice but his pay does not go up much at all.

2. Number 1 was pretty much it.

So do we stay or do we go? I have been doing the prepper thing, looking for rentals, thinking about how many uhauls we would need. I have informed my mom about this but asked her not to share it because nothing is certain yet. I am trying to contain my excitement and hopefulness, but it is truly very hard to do so.

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