Friday, September 9, 2011

Half Day Homeschool

I hereby declare Friday to be Half Day Homeschool Day! It is official. Why? Because on Friday, I am completely worn out and run down. Because the kids just aren't listening to me anymore. Because my printer is begging me to leave it alone. Because I need a huge bar of chocolate. Seriously, could you bring me one?

I think one thing about homeschooling that is different  than schools is that when the kids or mom(dad) get frustrated or worn out, everyone can take a break. I usually send my kids to read a book which gets in their reading time. I sit on the couch and let my mind empty. After the break, we usually get right back on track. I think this is essential to the learning environment. Sure schools have lunch and recess but they are at scheduled times. They have to keep plodding along, no matter how they feel.

So, what's the point, right? Take a break! Even if you don't homeschool. At night when your child and you are frustrated by homework, take a walk! Read a book! Listen to music! Just don't turn on the TV!

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